Buy Cap - 20 Entries

Buy Cap - 20 Entries

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REDOO TATOO COOL KIT includes the following (Tattoo Stickers bought Separately)

One Bottle of Redoo Fresh Jagua Ink Gel mixed with Organic Tea Tree body essential oils, with metal pin head 5ml bottle.

Reusable Compressed 2.5cm cloth/towel in a small plastic candy bag, that expands with little drops of water to be 23cm x 23cm.As a wet towel, it can be used instead of a home/bath towel to gently wipe the tattoo area after washing the ink.


One black glove to be worn on the hand used to fill the ink while applying the tattoo, cause the ink will stain dark if the glove is not used during the application.

Mini electric USB MOBILE FAN for drying the ink faster in minutes, limited quantity.


    Ink Ingredients: fresh berries fruit juice, organic gum, organic body essential TEA TREE oils.
    Brand of Canada